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caMicroscope is a digital pathology data management, visualization and analysis platform. It consists of a set of web services to manage digital pathology images, associated clinical and imaging metadata, and human/machine generated annotations and markups. The image visualization client consists of HTML5 based web clients that support interactive rendering of the digitized image, and the creation and display of annotations and markups. The annotations and markups are stored in a NoSQL database and support spatial queries for highly optimized retrieval of annotations to support an interactive experience. The complete system can be secured against LDAP, OpenID and supports webSSO with Shibboleth.

caMicroscope also supports federated queries against other non-imaging data modalities and includes a highly interactive metadata browser to quickly browse associated data, examine trends and create data subsets that can be pipelined or downloaded for subsequent downstream analysis. 

caMicroscope has been supported by NCI/SAIC-Fredrick through 10XS220 and the Google Summer of Code 2012

Visit for a live demonstration